In one of the poorest countries in the world, four street punks of Quebec will go to do humanitarian work. Their objectives are to build a bread oven, teach french, and train children in the circus arts. Most of these activities will take place in a small village in the highlands of Madagascar, without running water or electricity. During 90 days, they will live in a microcosm where individualism is inapplicable. The group will only be able to survive with the unconditional contribution of each one of its members. The values of sharing, altruism and respect will gradually be manifest in their attitudes, and day after day, will demonstrate that mutual aid can be a better medicine than rebellion.


Production : Les Productions de l’Antipode

Producers : Justin Antippa, Philippe Malchelosse

Director : Justin Antippa

Director of photography : Justin Antippa

Sound recordist : Mike Rollo

Editor : Justin Antippa


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Technical information

Provisional title : Madagascar Project

Production country : Canada

Image : Color

Aspect ratio : 1.85:1

Sound : Stereo

Original language : French, Malagasy

Madagascar Project

a Justin Antippa film

photo : G. Milette
photo : C. Badger
photo : P. Malchelosse
photo : P. Malchelosse
photo : P. Malchelosse

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