a Justin Antippa film


Four street punks, three months of percussion, one performance with Offenbach. From practice, to stage fever, and up to the performance apotheosis, we follow them throughout this crucial day. All along, the punks share their vision of the experience, as the project instigators shed light on the basic principles which helped the punks acquire the necessary tools and skills for their three month journey. As a result of their perseverance, the street punks transform the experience into a success. And, the opinion of others, which their inner pain usually renders as abject, becomes as precious as gold.


Production : Les Productions de l’Antipode

Producers : Justin Antippa, Philippe Malchelosse

Director : Justin Antippa

Director of photography : Justin Antippa

Sound recordist : Chad Badger

Editor : Justin Antippa

Distribution : Les Productions de l’Antipode

Technical information

Title : Repercussions

Length : 52 minutes

Production country : Canada

Image : Color

Aspect ratio : 1.37:1

Sound : Stereo

Original language : French

« I swore and tried again until I got it right. »

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All rights reserved